2014-10-09 BRAZIL

Province of Brasil Centro-Norte

The participants in the formation itinerary for laity of the Marist Province of Brasil Centro-Norte/PMBCN met in Brazlândia, from 29 September to 03 October. This was the third meeting and had as focus the theological meaning of the star which lighted the crib of Jesus and the journey to meet him. And so, it also lights the life and vocation of Marist missionary disciples.The work on the life project was done on the basis of the human, Christian and Marist cribs, underlining shared life, spirituality and mission, respectively. The first crib (human) inspired reflections on the life of the participants today, who forms part of it and the areas in which they are inserted, among other questions. Then the group studied the public life of Jesus and of the missionary disciple. The Marist crib was approached from the construction of the Institute and the foundation of L´Hermitage, mother-house of the congregation, blessing as mission and charism.

About 40 lay persons from the different works and operations of the Province took part. 

The formation itinerary, promoted by the Commission of the Laity of PMBCN, evidences the desire of coworkers and volunteers to come to know and live the Marist charism, thus contributing to the vitality of the Institute in the contemporary world.


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