2021-04-17 CUBA

Testimony of Milton Daniel De Bedia Ibarra, a former Marist student at the school in Camagüey

“My Marist roots are very strong and my devotion to Mary is very strong,” says Milton Daniel, a former Marist student at Camagüey College in Cuba. He was in the school’s last graduating class in 1959/60. “Those of us who were at the school for a number of years, that stays with us forever,” he added.

His testimony was recorded by Rosa Schiaffino (Mediterranea), a member of the Lavalla200> project. After 2 years in Syracuse, Rosa was assigned to Holguin. She and Br. Luis Sanz (Santa Maria de los Andes) have spent several weeks in the Cuban capital preparing the necessary documents for their stay on the island: “I am discovering the kindness and openness of the Cuban people and I love it”. During her stay in Havana she met Milton De Bedia.

With an enviable memory and heartfelt affection, Milton recounted in great detail what life was like at the school where he grew up with 600 other students and a handful of much-admired Marist Brothers.

In the video below is the tribute made by Rosa and Br. Luis to Milton, to former Marist students of Cuba and to the Brothers who were there and who are still present in so many memories.


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