2023-11-20 GENERAL HOUSE

Other Marist Voices 17 and 18: Thoughts on Marist leadership / Leader and Prophet

The publication of “Other Marist Voices” continues, messages inspired by the book “Marist Voices” related to the development of servant and prophetic leadership in the Marist mission.

Other Marist Voices 17 was written by Br. Juan Sebastián Herrera Salazar, professor, dedicated to Educational and youth ministry, from the Province of Norandina – Ecuador, who addresses the theme “Hope in fragility: Thoughts on Marist leadership (English | Español | Français | Português > Video). The message refers to chapter 19 of Marist Voices (Marist Style of Prophetic and Servant Leadership: Some Exemplars in Our Tradition), written by Br. Michael Green.

Other Marist Voices 18 was written by Rodrigo Rivas, Administrator and Marist volunteer, from the Province of Cruz del Sur – Uruguay, who addresses the theme “Leader, Historian, Analyst and Prophet” (English | Español | Français | Português > Video). The message refers to chapter 9 of Marist Voices (Sentinels of the Dawn Foresee: The Prophetic Imagination), written by Br. Emili Turú.


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