2023-10-15 FRANCE

Bursars’ Meeting – Day 4 – Challenges and Horizons of the Marist Institute

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The last day of the Institute Bursars’ Meeting, October 12, coordinated by Bernard Kenna and Alfie Custodio, began with a review of the previous day, complemented by a video of all the activities produced by experts. The participants also reviewed the answers to the questions of the third day.

Brother Luis Carlos Guti├ęrrez, Vicar General, was unable to lead the reflection, as planned, due to family bereavement. The task was admirably covered by the members of the team of the International Commission for Economic Affairs (ICEA) who, using the resources Brother Luis Carlos had prepared, addressed the theme of the day.

During the presentations, participants were asked to reflect on two questions:

  • What do you consider to be the three most important challenges in your Province or Region?
  • What do you consider to be the most important options for the future in your province or region?

In the presentation, the Vicar General identified seven “tensions” that will continue to challenge the Institute:

  • Adaptation
  • Generativity
  • Innovation in mission
  • Integral sustainability
  • Structural
  • Leadership
  • Hope

Each of the tensions was addressed separately. Numerous data identifying the current situation and projecting the figures into the future were presented. After sharing this information, each tension was developed under four headings: challenges, changes, options, and contradictions.

To conclude the session, each table was invited to record their group’s response to the two initial questions, and the responses were categorized and displayed for all participants to consider. The ICEA team was left with the task of organizing and sharing the horizons and points that could help in the development of the Economato at the various levels of the Institute.

The day concluded with a celebration. The team thanked for the dedication and commitment of the Community of L’Hermitage, the workers of the house, as well as the members of the International Commission for Economic Affairs.

Br. Ben Consigli, General Councilor, addressed a few words to the participants. He said: “It is through the dedicated work of our bursars and their teams that his mission is sustained. The role of the bursar, often unsung yet invaluable, is not only to ensure that the financial aspects of our institutions and AUs are managed but upholds the Marist mission and allows it to flourish. The exchange of ideas and experiences during this meeting is a testament to the crucial role of the bursar and how their work directly serves the Marist mission.”

At the conclusion of the 4-day meeting, Br. Jorge Gaio, Econome General, reminded the participants: “we are the face, the hands, the heart of Champagnat today in different parts of the world, in order to create hope for children and young people”. And he added: “with a renewed spirit, after experiencing these days of encounter, let us continue to build a new Hermitage in the world, capable of responding to our times, with enthusiasm and audacity. Let us be able to take risks with the necessary prudence”.

In the evening, to celebrate the 4 days of meeting, there was a festive dinner.



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