2012-01-30 KENYA

Diffusion of the new data base system for the Institute

The General Secretariat has just concluded the fourth meeting for diffusion of the new data base system of the Institute, on this occasion in the city of Nairobi, Kenya, in the House of the “Eau Vive Sisters, Karen, Nairobi”. The meeting was held from 3 to 10 January with the Provincial Secretaries of Africa. The following were present: Br Francisco Baeza, Br Albert Nzabonaliba, Br Alphonse Balombe, Br Spiridion Ndanga (Central East Africa); Br Tata Oliver Tunka, Br Vicent De Paul Kouassi (District of West Africa); Br Jean Bruce Rasamimanana, Br Norbert Razakamady (Madagascar); Br Donaldson Andimario, Miss Mabel Oknonwo (Nigeria); Br Mario Colussi, Br Tarcísio Postingher (Southern Africa); and Brothers Pedro Sánchez de León, Secretary General and Marcelo De Brito, programmer, from the General Administration.

In the three preceding articles on these meetings (in Spain, France and Mexico) the reasons and objectives for these formation courses were given. The current article wishes to focus on some of the comments made by the participants. I point out that the group which took part, the place, the welcome, the contact with the culture of the country was an experience which will remain engraved on my heart. I would like to give proof of my sincere gratitude to Br Francisco Baeza (Kiko), Provincial Econome of the Central East Africa Province, for his solicitude and the great care he took to make us feel at home.

Of the group present at the meeting, I would say that it manifested a diversity of cultures, capacity for adaptation and collaboration appropriate for persons who are deeply imbued with the sense of brotherhood and spirit of work.

These are some of the comments of the participants to the following questions:

a)       What is your opinion of the organization of this course?

–          It is a good initiative of the General Secretariat. Above all, it is an updated form of formation. The Institute needs to improve the treatment of its data.
–          The organization was simple and clear in its aim. It has been an agreeable experience in the collaboration and sharing between the participants.

b)      What is your opinion of the data base system?

–          The system appears to me to be an inspired work. Although not yet finished, what is prepared has given me what I need to achieve the tasks given during the workshop and I already see everything that is left to be done in my Province.
–          The construction of the system was a good inspiration. It seems very objective, logical and organized in its structure.

c)       Have you any suggestions for similar courses in other regions of the Institute?

–          Considering the planning of the week’s sessions and the objectives proposed by the   Secretary  General, I see nothing to add. I felt that all the times for training as well as community life were very well planned.
–          The work sessions, accomodation and quality of community times were favourable, I felt very good.
–          As a suggestion, I would say the convenience of having more than two persons for each Administrative Unit taking part in the workshop. I say this from the experience of the   Province of Central East Africa, which had 4 participants. Easy understanding, rapid introduction of data, distribution of the work and to have everything finished in each session.
–          As a suggestion, I see the necessity of bringing to the meetings all the documentation prepared and the computers with the appropriate software, so as to avoid the first day being used as time for solving this type of inconvenience. To take note:

– List of the infrastructure:
– Portable with wireless connection,
– Appropriate navigator installed,
– Updated antivirus
– Updated text editor for opening doc. archives, etc.

d)      Do you believe that the system will be useful for your Province? Why?

–          I have no doubt that the system will help my Province. Now I know how to obtain data of a personal character of each Brother, house, role and the form of responsibility in the system. This will save me time as Secretary and I will have up to date information.

The next meeting will be held in Davao, Philippines, from 9 to 14 February 2012, for all the   provinces and districts of Asia and Oceania in the English language.

Br Pedro Sánchez de León, Secretary General


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