2021-10-09 GENERAL HOUSE

New Horizons continues its activities despite the pandemic

After an enforced pause due to the pandemic, Br. Francis Jumbe (Provincia de Southern Africa), Br. John Bwanali ( Malawi), Br. Mark Omede (Secretariat for Education and Evangelization), Andrea Rossi and Marcello Romagnoli from the Marist Foundation for International Solidarity (FMSI) met on 21 September to discuss online about the challenges of the Covid and also about the achievements obtained by  the New Horizons project in the six countries (Malawi, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique) were is implemented.

Following the Strategic plan (2019-2022) to respond the 3 main challenges have been identified, News Horizons in its second year of implementation has achieved to benefiting 7623, 5174  children, mainly poor boys and girls. Results might have been a lot higher, but lockdowns and closure of schools for several months in all 6 countries have hindered the implementation of all training activities taking place at school level. However, it is worth noting the increase of enrolments of students in most of the schools. Such increment came because of implementation of plan for “Low Income Families and “New Learning Opportunities Plans” customized by the schools

In relation to Mozambique, it should be noted that in October 2020, this country prepared the Universal Periodic Report for Mozambique that has been submitted to the United Nations with the help of FMSI. That is a great achievement, as it’s the first time that Brothers in Mozambique are taking part in the process of UPR submission, and it will contribute to putting schools and students more in the condition to be active agents of change.

Although the realization of the “New Horizons” project is supported by  FMSI and Misean Cara, the issue of covid-19 requested a budget change that Misean Cara promptly accepted. Materials were procured in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Face masks, hand washing soap, Buckets, thermometers, oxes of gloves, hand sprayers, disinfectants and hand sanitizers were distributed in 14 schools.

Initially, before the pandemic, New Horizons II had defined achieving 4 priority objectives in its work area, now the consequences of the covid are added to these. That means taking steps to “support students during and after the pandemic whether they’re learning remotely or in classrooms. The social, emotional, and mental health needs of students must be taken into account, as well as the impact that lockdowns are causing especially among girls and the most fragile. There is need for more governments to develop post COVID-19 strategic plans for reopening schools, plans that take into account the needs of girls and young women”, said Andrea Rossi, director de la Fundación Marista para la Solidaridad Internacional (FMSI)


The project New Horizons – launched by the Marist African Mission Commission – performs in 21 local schools and communities in Malawi, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique. It includes 18.334 students, 790 teachers and 469 school staff. New Horizons  II  aims at increasing equal access to quality education for all children in order to promote equity, social justice and inclusion, pursuing improvement of school in terms of its capacity to become a place for the safeguarding and empowerment of children.


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